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Custom Orchid Planters

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Elegant, orchid plants, appropriate for many occasions & distinctive style, Vineyard homes. Long lasting flowers, and simplicity are their trademarks. Color is chosen by availability. White hues are our dominant choice in our greenhouse. You are welcome to note a color preference, however, the design is based on what is currently in stock. Donaroma plant designers, have a wide selection of decorative containers, in different styles, and price points, to create a custom gift. Creative, & artful staking is available depending on pricing tier. All Phalaenopsis are sent out with care instructions from the American Orchid Society.

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  • Standard

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  • Premium

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  • Choice

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  • Deluxe

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  • Ultra Deluxe

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  • Exquisite

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Standard - $125.00

Premium - $175.00

Choice - $200.00

Deluxe - $300.00

Ultra Deluxe - $500.00

Exquisite - $800.00